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Are Monthly Food Expenses Eating Up Your Budget?

By super on August 3, 2016

<h2>How to Budget Monthly Food Expenses</h2>

<p>You know how it goes. You look through your checking account statement only to notice how seemingly 90% of your transactions are for food. A quick dinner after work, drinks with friends, grocery store run, dinner out with family, lunch out with co-workers, and the occasional convenience store stop because you don’t have time to for another grocery store run. And that’s just in one week.</p>
<p>Humans eat a lot. In fact, in a 30-day month you’ll eat right around 90 meals (not counting snacks). Which means there are at least 90 times a month you will have to provide food for yourself. Hence your out-of-control food budget. But there’s help. Here are four ways to get your food expenses under control…</p>


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