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Why Boxed Wine is Definitely the Way to Go

By super on August 18, 2016

Let’s start here: the average bottle of wine contains 750 ml, so depending on your chosen boxed wine, it can contain up to FOUR times that amount, likely blowing the cost-per-bottle out of the water without breaking a sweat.

Beyond cost effectiveness, boxed wines sport the perfectly airtight (and easily repurposed) wine bag—lending them the oft-used descriptor of “bag-in-a-box” wines, but also allowing for extended freshness. So they’re doubly perfect if you’re the type that never finishes a bottle in one sitting. “Waste not, want not,” we say! And at the end of the day, availability of quality boxed wines truly has come a long way since their advent a few decades back, so you’re sure to find a variety that suits your taste.

Watch below to learn more as Chef Brian Morris echoes our own sentiments in favor of boxed wine forever.



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