8 Ways You Could Qualify for Student Debt Forgiveness

on August 3, 2016
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Forgive and Forget?

Student loans are the proverbial thorn in our sides that we continue to pretend aren’t real until we walk away from college, a diploma in one hand and a receipt for thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of dollars in the other. If you’re like every other college student and made a side-career as a professional penny pincher during school, chances are looking ahead at decades of ball-and-chain monthly payments is about as great as-well, nothing.

The smallest of silver linings to the great student loan debt debacle is a little loophole called student loan forgiveness, which many people qualify for but not many take advantage of. It comes in a variety of forms, and can range from partial to even, in some instances, full loan coverage for a variety of circumstances. We’ve done our research and rounded up eight loan forgiveness options that, if you qualify, you can’t afford to miss out on (no pun intended).

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