Your New Job Negotiation Should Go Way Beyond Salary

on August 3, 2016


People waiting for job interview

How to Make the Most of Your Job Offer

In his recent SmartyCents post, The Beginner’s Guide to Salary Negotiation, Lou Carlozo offered up helpful tips for leveraging a higher salary from your employer. However, whether you’re interviewing for a new job, receiving your annual review or getting a promotion, salary negotiation is only one part of your potential gain from opening up negotiations.

While you probably won’t be able to negotiate the country club memberships, company car, stock shares and other perks that top executives command, you certainly can improve your situation by thousands of dollars in salary and benefits if you know what to ask for. Understanding the many other forms of benefits and compensation that are up for negotiation can help you boost your career, decrease your expenses-and substantially increase your bottom line.

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